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Revolutionizing the World of Sports

Blue Crow Sports Group is a forward-thinking sports organization founded in 2021 by a group of accomplished sports executives and investors. BCSG is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of sports through data-driven strategies, cutting-edge technology, and innovative talent development.

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Our Partners

  • Cancún Futbol

  • Club Deportivo

  • Rainbow Sports

Club Deportivo Leganés

CD Leganés is a historic football club in the community of Madrid in central Spain. The club was founded in 1928 and currently plays in La Liga SmartBank, the second division of professional football in Spain.

Cancún Futbol Club

Cancún FC is a young football club based in Cancún, Mexico. The club was founded in 2020 and currently plays in the Liga de Expansión MX, the second division of professional football in Mexico.

Rainbow Sports Global

Rainbow Sports Global is a leading sports enterprise with a global footprint, which has successfully positioned itself as a leading Pan-African sports entity, providing holistic management, marketing, and media solutions for football sports agencies, clubs, and talented African football players.

Our Team

Arvind Narayan

Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Luhnow

Chief Executive Officer

Varun Desai

VP of Finance

Veronica Fereday

Director of Retail and Merchandising

Jose Fernandez

VP of Performance and R&D

Hugo Blanco

VP of Sporting Strategy & Methodology

Eduardo Cosin

VP of CD Leganés

Giovanni Solazzi

VP of Cancún FC

Jeff Vetere

VP of Global Scouting

Eduardo Parra Garcia

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Rob Mastrodomenico

Director of Data Science

Anthony Osnacz

Manager of Sports Science

Calvin Hothi

Senior Software Engineer

Humza Ahmed

Data Engineer

Board of Directors