Jose Fernandez
Vice President of Performance and R&D

Jose Fernandez was born in Vigo, Spain. He holds a BSc in Sport Science from the European University of Madrid, a PgDip in Strength & Conditioning from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a MSc in High Performance Sport. His interest in performance technology led him early in his career to move to the UK and start his own consulting business. From 2008 to 2015 he collaborated with various EPL clubs and sport organizations in areas including athlete monitoring strategies and data management. In 2016, he accepted a position to lead the Sport Science department at the Houston Astros. Over the next six seasons there he would contribute to the success of the organization in various ways, from identifying opportunities to improve coaching strategies to building a robust digital infrastructure to support decision-making across various departments. During that time, he experienced various post-season and World Series appearances and developed a passion for the game of Baseball. He joined Blue Crow Sport Group in 2022 as VP of Performance & Technology.